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Nina Galen was born in Greenwich Village and grew up in Hollywood, CA.  At the age of five she knew she would be a writer.  She never dreamed she would be a pilot.

Galen’s aviation articles have appeared in Flying, Flying Magazine’s Guide For Instrument Flying, and Air Progress, as well as Pilot in England and Pilote Privé in France.  Her pilot ratings include Pilote Privé (French), Commercial, Multiengine, Instrument and Glider.   !blstar1.gif (1329 bytes)

Pilot Magazine

Eight articles in which Nina
describes her adventures
piloting her plane in Europe

Pilot Magazine
Monopoly on Terror
(pen name Bruce Buck)

!blstar5.gif (769 bytes)Zebra Books

Detective-with-wings Chet
flies from Paris to Beirut
seeking missing society women

Monopoly on Terror

Touring the Med with her Jodel Ambassadeur Click here to view Galen's aviation photo album !blstar1.gif (1329 bytes)