Pilot Magazine


Here are eight of Nina's amusing articles that have appeared in Pilot magazine (London) over the years:

Some Strange Foreign Customs — While there are good guys in Customs and Immigration, there are also a few heavies out to cause distress for no apparent reason except their own sick pleasure.

By Rallye from Southern France to Denmark The story as far as Frankfurt: mountains, mistral, firing in the airway,and a modest contre-temps with a controller.

A Trip to Greece and Turkey (in 1974) Controllers' English may be a bit thick, and they'll want the landing fee paid in their own currency; but in general facilities for private flying in Southern Europe are friendly, helpful, and quite efficient.

The English Pilot Abroad — Does Britannia waive the rules? Maybe; but not even a French pilot could cross France VFR and obey all the rules and regs.

Flying in Germany — If you have ze Deutschmarks, und obey ze rules, und have gut weather, you vill be enjoying it.

Keeping Legal — Nina Galen, fighting severe turbulence and bureaucracy to keep herself and plane legal and licensed.

Flying to Prague — The food is excellent, and foreign pilots are very welcome.

Touring Tunisia — Come to the Casbah for some winter sunshine with Nina Galen.

You Can't Fly Home again — . . . not even to France. Nina tries a flying visit to France after seven years away from flying in Europe, and has her problems.