Monopoly On Terror

"You can see paperbacks like this at any American drugstore: gaudy cover with a semi-naked woman, a couple of smoke-trailing aeroplanes and a horror-shock blurb liberally splattered with exclamation marks!!!!  What makes this one different is that author 'Bruce Buck' is none other than Nina Galen, whose flying travelogues have been published regularly in Pilot and whose air-touring experiences in Europe contribute to this thriller's authentic background.  Hero Brian Tschetter's Helio Courier even has the same N-number as her real-life Rallye Commodore.  Monopoly on Terror   is very much in the Gavin Lyall mould, with flying, violence and sex predominating in roughly that order. 

"Private eye Tschetter is hired to fly a German businessman around the Mediterranean in search of a wife who has run off to the island retreat of a Greek millionaire who organises entertaining little games like Monopoly with funny money buying women instead of Park Lane and King's Cross.  At least, that's what he thinks, but when people start shooting at him, a Jet Ranger with a dangling hook attacks his Helio... Tschetter astutely figures that he is into something heavier than tired businessmen and thrill-seeking housewives...   The plot reaches a bloody and explosive climax in Beirut.   Intriguingly, the book is dedicated "to Jean Le Borgne, who was there", which suggests that Ms. Galen has some interesting friends."

Review of Monopoly on Terror  in Pilot  (published in England)  by Mike Jerram

(Bruce Buck is a pen name of Nina Galen)

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